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About Us

We are proud to announce that Mavi Cargo Inc is California’s most reliable trucking company, providing the highest quality logistics solutions in every part of the nation for years. We are a dedicated team of logistics experts working round the clock to achieve timely delivery in and out of Bakersfield.

Ever since our journey that started in 2017, we have aimed to be the fastest trucking company in California, moving the valuables safely in one piece to the desired destination regardless of distance. We also assure to do that at an unbeatable price.

Meet our CEO, Jay Singh. He has always been passionate about transforming the way logistics works and bring about long-term sustainable solutions.

Our services rest on deep-rooted knowledge on areas related to FTL and LTL logistics as well as supply chain operations. We have completed numerous consignments on Intermodal services, container shipping, and other transportation-related requirements like packing and moving service for residents and commercial spaces. We are grateful that our clients trusted us on multiple projects and, we were able to build a relationship with them.

We are not just an asset-based freight carrier. We have successfully expanded our services in material processing, warehousing, and inventory to provide more than just transportation. We are planning on expanding, more so that more people have access to our affordable services.

Why Choose Mavi Cargo Inc As Your Logistics Partner?

We Provide A Trustworthy Solution To Every Need

Our services are diversified so that we can fulfill customized requirements. Our customers only pay for what they need. There is no added jargon or hidden costs. One can ask us for a free quote or directly talk to us about their specific need. We promise to be transparent and arrange the best possible options.

We Let You Track Shipping As Early as Possible

Our team is fully equipped and at par with the latest technology. We can ensure that our tracking system is accurate as one will get exact time and location of their assets as it approaches the destination. One will get timely notifications for the same.



We Upgrade

We keep upgrading our machinery and hire professionals who know ‘how to get the job done.’ We have well-serviced trucks driven by qualified drivers who are resourceful and a past master at locating destinations and well versed with highway networks. Our warehouses have a sturdy security system. Also, we source our packing material from the best manufacturers.

We Have a Responsive Customer Care

Active customer care is our long suit. We will be happy to assist you with whatever queries until you are 100% satisfied  . We endeavor to build solid customer relationships by not just meeting the expectations but exceeding them.



Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently build and execute superior plans that aid our clients in having a competitive edge over other businesses. We implement this by minimizing the time of product reach from the start point of the company to the market and in the customer’s doorstep. We want to establish a strong customer relationship that lasts by being attentive and accessible both during and after service. We expect complete customer satisfaction for which we serve diligently throughout. We upgrade ourselves every day so that our services hold exceptional value to our clients. We aim to practice logistics that are both reliable and profitable for our clients and us. We also desiderate to operate responsibly, meeting client expectations, and create a safe working space for our employees.


Our Vision

We at Mavi Cargo Inc Trucking, strive to achieve excellence in performance and consistently grow to become a profitable Logistics business. We want to establish our position in the world marketplace for the best services in logistics, freights, trucking, and supply chain management services. We aim to be at the top of the hierarchy of our global network. We want to build a credible business that sustains in the dynamic market being true to our ethics and integrity.

We Care About Transportation Needs!

Real-time visibility

We make it possible for you to keep a check on the route of your goods. It is crucial to be informed about the processes happening at any point during the shipping. Real-time visibility helps you to identify problems on time and rectify them quickly.

Safety & compliance

Our day-to-day functions have safety measures instilled in them through strict protocols. Along with state laws on workplace hazards, we have our own policies so that we can provide a safe working environment for all our employees and it doesn’t affect their performance.

On-time Delivery

Time management is a mandatory skill of a good logistics company. Mavi Cargo Inc well understands that. It implements strategies in different transportation areas and works well in advance to enable timely delivery.

Personalized transportation solutions

Be it container shipping, truck loading, intermodal, or trailers, we do the spadework for catering to the unique needs of your business. We suggest a complete comprehensive package that will be just right for you.

Warehousing facility

Our warehouses are partly automated and have a space-efficient design. They have all the tools and machines to move goods in and out. Along with that, a security system is placed to prevent theft.