Container Trucking Services

Conveying Fast Across Borders, Mavi Cargo Inc Delivers On-Time

We boast a swift international shipping service for LTL, FTL, and container shipping services. Our team of professionals has decades of engagement in the logistics and supply chain management Service. We fulfill all the legal requirements like export-import license, insurance certificates, bills for entry, and other documents for cross-border freights. Your goods are safe with us.

Safe and Secure Bulk Transporation with Mavi Cargo Inc

Logistics has to be a secure process to avoid loss or theft of goods during shipping. That decreases revenue, deteriorates customer experience, and ultimately affects the reputation of the business. Mavi Cargo Inc eliminates that possibility by a proactive risk assessment at every stage and implementing the right solutions. If you are looking for dependable Logistics services in Bakersfield, California, go nowhere else but at Mavi Cargo Inc.

Why Do You Need To Consider Container Trucking Services?

Containers are large metal or fiber boxes where the goods are collected and stored. The containers can then be moved to the desired location through the ship, rail, truck, etc. This type of service is necessary to transfer bulky goods or in large quantities via single shipping.

Many traders rely on Container freight for delivering heavy goods overseas or domestically in intermodal shipping services.

Some advantages of using containers are:

  • Compartmentalizing goods with containers keeps them well organized and less prone to losses. It is more relevant when conveying for multiple shippers.
  • Temperature-controlled containers prevent spoilage of food or perishable items. These are either refrigerated or insulated or have both features for greater flexibility.
  • When shipping hazardous chemicals, containers are the safest bet. As everything remains sealed until it reaches the final destination

Rate Determining Factors for Container Truckload Shipping

The price of container conveyance depends on a lot of factors like distance, shipping type, dimensions, and fuel cost. For international freights, customs rate, currency fluctuations, season, and risk factors will overall influence the price. Container trucking rates also take factors like a head haul, backhaul, deadhead miles, and so on. But, Mavi Cargo Inc does not let you worry about these factors. You will always get a reasonable rate.

Benefits of Container Trucking Services When You Hire Mavi Cargo Inc

  • We are a part of the global distribution network ecosystem, with our other trusted shipping partners who extend the container shipping services. Your products will be safely delivered with minimum handling during switching in intermodal shipping.
  • Our portable containers are sturdy, build with high-grade materials to withstand any mechanical stress.
  • We cater to different types of containers other than the standard 20 feet to suit the need of most businesses like ventilated containers, refrigerated and open heads, flat racks, fleet, and so on. We will find the right size for you.
  • For the services we offer, we bet to quote the lowest price among all container shipping companies in Bakersfield, California.

You need to fulfill your shipments with the right logistics partner who can offer consistency in performance. We help increase profits by providing cost-effective container shipping plans that will be ideal for your business. Enhance your customer experience by choosing Mavi Cargo Inc for container freight services.