Intermodal Service

Save On the Long Hauls- Intermodal Shipping Services with Mavi Cargo Inc.

Paying too much to keep the long-distance customers happy? That won’t be a problem if you partner with Mavi Cargo Inc. We have the perfect solution for conveying bulk goods at any distance. Whether you need to deliver within California or cross country, we have dedicated fleets within our well-connected network worldwide to take your shipment to the final destination within the given timeframe. Many businesses are using intermodal shipping services as a part of their shipping strategy to cut costs and make their goods affordable for their international customers. Mavi Cargo Inc aims to help businesses achieve their shipping targets through Intermodal Freight Shipping in Bakersfield and beyond.

What is Intermodal Service All About?

The main idea of intermodal shipping services is the usage of multiple modes of transport for a particular consignment. It involves coordinating between truck, rail, cargo ship, and aircraft. It can be either bimodal (one that uses two modes of transport) or multi-modal transport (more than two modes of transport).

How is Intermodal Shipping Beneficial? Mavi Cargo Inc Accomplishes

For long-haul shippers, it is better to switch the transportation mode to save on travel time and fuel consumption. The cost comes down on its own. There are times during long-distance trucking when road routes may take days to weeks. The trucks may need servicing a few times in the middle of a consignment. Or get stuck in highway congestion repeatedly. To avoid all the trouble, a combination of truck, aircraft, or rail shipping can be used to maximize leverage. This strategy puts forward a few advantages.

Cost Reduction: As mentioned earlier, using multiple modes can bring down the total cost significantly. Every mode of transport has some pros and cons. There are no extra costs for railway shipping but, it is not ideal for overseas. With truck shipping, the fuel cost gets added. Aircraft shipping can deliver within hours but, the price goes up. A proper strategy is required to determine how to cover the miles in the most cost-efficient ways.

High Capacity: Unlike OTR mode, bulky goods like heavy machinery that require large spaces are easily transported via Intermodal services. You don’t have to pay extra to guarantee space as there is less competition in Intermodal shipping.

High Security: Intermodal transportation adds a multitude of security levels. The checklist is revised at every checkpoint or modal terminals and, the goods are checked for leakage or damage. In intermodal shipping, safety is enhanced as the goods are carried in dedicated containers.


    At Mavi Cargo Inc, you get more:

    • Convenience
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    • Rich resources

    We don’t believe in one size fits all. We will implement the shipping strategy that will fit right for your requirements. Unlike other intermodal trucking companies, we won’t make unfeasible promises. We only bring forth realistic solutions at a reasonable rate.

    You can get down to the details of intermodal shipping services with us. We will break it down to you regarding everything you want to know. Call us anytime. Mavi Cargo Inc, your reliable Intermodal Shipping Company in California.