LTL Freight Services

Why pay more to ship less?

LTL Freight services at Mavi Cargo Inc is the most affordable and convenient option for transporting bulk goods at your desired location. The process is less of a headache when you partner with the right container shipping companies. When you hire us, you can vouch for the safety of your goods and timely delivery. We will assist you from day one till the consignment is complete.

About LTL Freight Services

LTL stands for Less Than Truckload. This kind of shipping service is required for transporting a small amount of load that doesn’t require the entire truck space. The rest of the truck space is utilized by others. Multiple shippers can ship products in the same truck in this method. But as with the name convention, the ltl shipping isn’t limited to trucking. Bulk shipping through other mediums like train, ship, or aircraft is also included.

There are a few parameters on which shipping rates for LTL service depend on.

  • The dimensions of the shipment: To evaluate the space it will occupy, the size and weight are measured to determine the rate.
  • Freight classification: A calculation is derived from the dimensions that are used for classification. The classification may depend on the density. For goods that have higher density, they fall under higher classification. Many other factors are involved. On a standard, there are 18 classifications.
  • Delivery duration: You can get services like one-day delivery or 7-days.The faster you want, the rate will increase.
  • Destination: It is a general determinant for any sort of shipping. When the distances are long, sometimes the shipment is transferred between multiple LTL trucks. It may increase the rate.

To qualify for ltl shipping, the minimum shipment weight is 50 pounds. It can go up to 1500 pounds and up to eight pallets. If the numbers go beyond this, one has to choose other options for shipping like FTL. This is an economical option for people on a budget or small businesses.

You can check the calculator on our site to make a rate estimation, or reach us through our mail or phone number mentioned in ‘Contact Us’.


    What Are the Advantages of Using LTL Shipping Mode?

    1. Maximize savings: LTL brings down the cost to a considerable amount. It won’t be necessary to hire an entire truck for a small bulk shipment. The amount you will be paying is only for the space you occupy.
    2. Add ons: Some extra services come along on default, like pick-up, delivery, and inside gate services. One may not have to pay extra charges for these add ons.
    3. Better Time Management: You do not have to wait till you reach a larger bulk order. You can ship only the required supply to your wholesaler or retailer before the stocks run out for a specific item and subsequently send the others.
    4. Low Warehouse Requirement: There won’t be much space required in warehouses for storing since you will be shipping them quickly through the LTL service.
    5. Less Carbon Footprint: By sharing the truck with other shippers, you are contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. It would not have been possible if all the shippers were suing individual trucks.

    What More With Our LTL Freight Services?

    • We do our best to make the process as hassle-free as possible for you. Once you chose Mavi Cargo Inc, you would not want to look anywhere else for LTL Trucking Services in Bakersfield, California.
    • We take your safety seriously. We maintain a strict security protocol at Mavi Cargo Inc. We use all modern tools and highly protective seals to ensure a seamless delivery with no damages or missing pieces.
    • We are a certified logistics and supply chain management Service in California. Our licenses and permissions are up to date. You can feel confident to rely on us.
    • We will keep you in the loop with an accurate tracking system. You can monitor your goods’ location on a real-time basis.
    • We will hear about your special requirements.
    • We will offer the best price for LTL Trucking Services in Bakersfield, California.

    Mavi Cargo Inc is here to find the best shipping and freight solutions. Talk to us to get a free quote on our ltl service.