Supply Chain Management Service

Supply Chain Management Service: Plan, Coordinate, Optimize with Mavi Cargo Inc

In the process of taking the business to new heights, building robust management of the supply chain holds paramount importance. For this, you need to hire the right team to do the job efficiently. At Mavi Cargo Inc, we employ industry experts to analyze your needs, construct a detailed plan and execute with the best possible abilities. We make sure that it adds value to your supply chain that ultimately converts to profits.

Mavi Cargo Inc is your very own Logistics service in Bakersfield, California. Our clients love us for our all-inclusive approach, added with the fact that the solutions are profit-based.

What Is Involved in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Service?

Supply Chain itself is a complex process that starts from sourcing raw materials to manufacture and completes with end products delivered to the customer. In between, there are plenty of steps interconnected like manufacturing, quality checks, logistics, wholesale, and so on. A logistics plays an important part throughout the movement as it happens in every other step. A few ways it adds value are:

  • Distribution Logistics
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Spare part Logistics
  • Lean Logistics

Finally, a logistic audit is initiated for recording and evaluation.

As your logistics and supply chain management Service providers, we will map the process manage the interlinking between them by aligning stakeholders. We will also analyze the cost and speed efficiency, connecting the service attributes to the functional capabilities of your business. Some of our work involves,

  • Tender acquisition and transportation management
  • Real-time tracking of shipment
  • Managing storage capacities in warehouses both, inbound and outbound
  • Event capture
  • POD verification
  • Settlement initiation


    Mavi Cargo Inc Moves To The Last Mile Optimizing Transportation

    As experts in supply chain management service, we coordinate between multimodal carriers within our network that expands worldwide. Be it via trucking, shipping, rail, or airlifting. We cover the last mile. This is how we make long-haul shipping seamless, fast, and cost-effective.

    Do you need Supply Chain Management for your new business?

    Mavi Cargo Inc is here to support you throughout the supply chain process. Once you hire us, you can get rid of all the stress and focus on expanding your business to reach maximum customers regardless of location.

    If you have any queries or you need more details on how the supply chain works with us, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.