Every business depends on transportation, and businesses located in Bakersfield, California, are no exception. Bakersfield is a gateway for transportation and logistics due to its strategic location and thriving economy, making it an ideal location for transport companies. If you own a business in Bakersfield and want to streamline your logistics you must be aware of the best transportation routes. This blog will cover the top 5 trucking routes for Bakersfield businesses. But first, let’s examine why choosing the right Trucking Company in Bakersfield is crucial.

Why Choosing the Right Trucking Company in Bakersfield is Essential?

Selecting the right Transport Company in Bakersfield can have a significant impact on the logistics of your business. A dependable and experienced Trucking Company in Bakersfield will ensure the on-time delivery of your goods, maintain quality control, and manage all transportation-related paperwork. In addition, they will assist you in optimizing your supply chain and reducing your transportation costs.

On the other hand, an incompetent or unreliable Transport Company in Bakersfield can cause delays, product damage, and additional expenses, which can have a negative effect on your business. Therefore, it is essential to select a transportation company in Bakersfield that meets your business’s requirements.

Top 5 Trucking Routes for Businesses in Bakersfield

Now, let’s dive into the top 5 trucking routes for businesses in Bakersfield.

1. Route 99

The California trucking route Route 99 connects the Central Valley to the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a major corridor for agricultural and manufactured goods, making it a vital route for Bakersfield businesses. The route crosses notable cities such as Fresno and Bakersfield and connects to major highways such as I-5 and State Route 58.

2. Interstate 5

Interstate 5 or I-5 runs from Mexico to Canada and is one of the busiest and longest highways in the country. It connects Bakersfield with major cities such as Los Angeles and Sacramento via Bakersfield. It is a vital route for businesses in Bakersfield that deal with goods that require long-distance transport.

3. State Route 58

State Route 58 is also known as the Bakersfield-Barstow Highway. It is an important route for Bakersfield businesses that transport goods to the eastern part of the state. It links Bakersfield to significant cities like Mojave, Barstow, and San Bernardino and intersects major highways such as I-15 and I-40.

4. State Route 99 to Port of Oakland

State Route 99 to the Port of Oakland is a vital route for Bakersfield businesses that ship goods to international destinations. This port serves as a gateway to Asia and other international markets. State Route 99 provides a direct connection between Bakersfield and the port, making it a crucial route for businesses seeking to exand into international

5. State Route 99 to Southern California

State Route 99 to Southern California is another significant route for Bakersfield businesses that transport goods and products to the southern region of the state. This route connects three major cities; San Diego, Los Angeles, and Anaheim with Bakersfield. Thus, it an ideal route for companies who want to expand their customer base in the Southern California.

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For most business holders, no matter how big or small they are, transportation is one of the most critical requirements. The significance of fast transportation has not only been observed in the business that usually carries their manufactured products via road but also by organizations like courts, hospitals, etc. With the creation of the first motor vehicle, the problem of traveling to a place faster was solved.

The problem then arose was that no vehicles could carry large amounts of products at a time. In the year 1896, the first motor truck was invented in Germany. Since roads were one of the most popular ways of transporting goods, these trucks soon became popular. Slowly, they spread their branches worldwide, especially in the big cities since these were the factory hubs. To this day, finding the best Trucking Company in California is one of the biggest dilemmas that is faced by factory owners.

Why are Logistics trucks popular in bigger cities like California?

There are several reasons behind the popularity of logistics trucks in the bigger cities of America. Logistics trucks are more significant in their size and can travel faster with goods from one place to another. In the bigger cities, most business owners are either the manufacturers or the ones who sell the products after they are received from the distributor. In both these cases, a proper and convenient vehicle is needed that can complete the task without any hassle and carry a large number of goods at one time.

These trucks are highly commercial and can save much money for the owners because of their capacity. They are built in such a way that they cannot only make an inter-city journey but also travel long distances between states without any problem. They can carry cargo that cannot be transported by even air or water transportation. These are the reasons behind the popularity of Logistics trucks in California. The Logistics Trucking Company provides businesses with these trucks for a specific cost.

What are the ways to identify the best trucking companies?

A certain number of features make a logistics trucking company the best. The best among them provides easy and accessible service to their customers. They can be easily contacted via their websites, where one can either book an appointment or directly select their needed address shipping. The customer must mention the location of the pickup and dropping and choose the distance. One can receive a quick approximate cost they might incur by entering the distance on the website.

Their cost is lower than the other companies and ensures speedy delivery of the goods within the time frame. They provide their customers with exceptional service, and in case of any queries, one can quickly contact them directly using their email or phone number. These features can help one identify the best trucking companies like Mavi Cargo Inc.


The quote alone is what many small to medium-sized enterprises consider when selecting a trucking and shipping provider. The quote is a great place to start, but people must consider what they are getting for the cost. By doing this, one can find a company that is not only reasonably priced but also offers the kinds of services required to guarantee that the freight arrives at its destination undamaged and on schedule. One should research its features, services, what others say about the company, their cost, and overall customer support before choosing any trucking services in California.

Best Equipment and Manpower Should Be Available

A reputable organization must have the best personnel and tools to load and deliver freight quickly. On the other side, if a company is understaffed or lacks the necessary tools, customers should be prepared to spend more because even the most straightforward tasks will take longer for them to complete.

When it comes to transporting the freight, this is especially true. Companies offer two loading options: palletized and loose. Because palletized freight is easy to load and secure, many businesses prefer to use it. If customers select the palletized solution, the business must have availability to a fork truck or other equivalent piece of machinery to load it.

Other organizations favor loose freight. Loose freight can be stacked so that one can fit more of it in the vehicle. However, it takes a lot of labor because it must be manually loaded. One will be expected to pay more if a company is understaffed to make up for the time.

Whether one needs equipment or labor, ensure the company hired can meet all loading requirements.

The company should be experienced

A brilliant place to start is by looking up the company’s history of operations. While the best trucking company in California businesses have already worked out the strategies they must take to get to the target swiftly and safely, new enterprises are still striving to establish how they can deliver goods as rapidly as possible without breaking or harming them.

Furthermore, well-established businesses are more likely to have practical training programs. We assist staff members with everything from efficiency to safety. This is important for the company since trained staff know how to protect loads and deliver them on schedule.

What type and size of cargo do they help transport?

When selecting a trucking provider, cargo size is also crucial. While some businesses only permit full-size loads, others also permit partial loads. Choose a firm that offers both sizes of loads if they anticipate using both; otherwise, one will have to switch between companies to meet all of their needs.

Are they in the budget?

Every trucking company tends to have different pricing policies. Getting multiple quotes from different companies is crucial to finding the one in the budget bracket. One can ask about the costs and the break-up from the beginning to avoid any sudden surcharge.
Making the right trucking business like Mavi Cargo Inc will significantly simplify the job. One can concentrate on other things once the freight is in capable hands without being concerned about it making it to its destination securely.


Everyone has their needs in life. No two people have the exact requirement, even when they are a couple living together. There is no possibility of them working towards the same goal in the same manner. Though the goal might be the same, the path opted will differ between the two. Such is the difference while choosing a good trucking service for your goods as well. It is necessary to choose the right trucking or freight service because the safety of the goods depends on their service. But how do we know how to choose a good trucking service in USA?

Choose A Good Truck

It is typically chosen by the company that is providing the service itself. But it is safer to verify if you are given the right kind. So it is essential to choose a freight company in the USA that provides several options of trucks to choose from. It is also necessary to know what each of these trucks is specifically used for.

Usually, the difference in the trucks depends on the load they can carry. The 12-wheeler truck can carry more cargo than a 10-wheeler truck, approximately 15 tons and less than 15 tons, respectively. There are also trucking services that offer trucks to have 2-6 tons. So check your need and then book a car from the service accordingly.

Company Performance Record

Like every other service, trucking services in the USA are also judged on their credibility in the field. This credibility, in turn, depends on several factors such as:

• Track Record:

They have to have a good tracking record. This means that they should know where each of the goods is and how these goods are traveling towards the destination. The company has to have track of the movement of these goods and check if they are moving in the right direction. In short, the company has to keep track of the truck in motion.

• Time Record:

Shipping services or freight services usually depend on two things: the safety of the product and timely delivery. The company, therefore, has to set a proper time of delivery. Check with previous customers to ensure that they keep track of time. This can be done through customer reviews or different review websites.

• Safety Guaranteed:

As mentioned above, the second factor depends on the safety of the goods. So ensure that they have a good record of reaching your interests safely. For this, their packing team has to be good, and their packing material must also be vital.

Well-Mannered Staff

The staffs are the ones who pick and drop your goods. They are the ones who you will be in constant contact with until the freights are safely delivered. In Mavi Cargo Inc, the utmost importance is given to customers and staff behavior towards them. They have to be well-mannered and patient with your queries.

So, ensure that the trucking company you choose has well-disciplined and trained staff alone.